Living Voice R80 Loudspeaker.

The Story So Far… (August 2023).

The background on the Living Voice R80.

We wanted to create a speaker that combined the lyricism, coherence, and innate musicality of the OBX-RW4, with the scale, dynamic range, and visceral thrill of the Vox Olympian. To reach our goal we chose a symmetrical mid / treble / mid (MTM) two-way driver topology in a reflex-loaded enclosure using two state-of-the-art 8″ bass/mid drivers and 34mm tweeter. We set out on this path 3 years ago and here we are – the R80 is born.

It is a complicated business making something simple. The past 12 months bear testament to this with painstaking incremental progress and seemingly endless iterative developments on both the cabinet tuning and crossover.

Living Voice R80 high-gloss ebony cabinets.

Our unique cabinet construction is a development of what we have evolved for the Auditorium Series over the past 30 years and translates beautifully into this design – stiff, light, and diffusive. The R80’s form factor is clean and simple, relying on classic golden ratio proportions and formal relationships, making for what we hope is a timeless appearance.

With sensitivity in the mid 90s, plus an even and very benign impedance characteristic, the R80 brings the most out of partnering electronics and plays to the strengths of single-ended triode electronics in particular. However, they can be used with all manner of electronics without compatibility issues. As with all Living Voice loudspeakers, the precision-calibrated crossover components are mainly proprietary, either made by hand in-house or by trusted specialist suppliers.

R80 has been a process of patient development. It is a loudspeaker for music lovers who listen with their feelings as well as their ears.