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February 2024

Franc Kuzma’s Listening Room.

Calling it merely a ‘room’ almost seems inadequate considering the time and thought which has gone into creating it.

Kuzma Listening Room in depth

In-depth report by Alan Sircom on how to create a truly memorable listening experience, Kuzma style.

The Full Story

January 2024

‘Favouritism,’ Living Voice Style…

Young (ahem) Iain at Edinburgh’s Loud & Clear has been a long-time advocate of Living Voice, particularly our OBX-RW, now in its fourth incarnation.

Iain, Loud & Clear

Very rewarding to see him select the OBX-RW4 in his recent ‘best of the year’ round-up, and we particularly relish his description of its “funky, fruity veneer.” We might have to make that an official finish option.

You can read the full article (originally from Loud & Clear’s newsletter) and don’t forget to give Iain a cuddle from us next time you’re in the shop.

October 2023

Living Voice R80 Update.

We’ve ‘had the photographers in,’ so the R80 pages are now ‘live’ on the Living Voice website.

R80 Brandmark
The Show System

There’s also an interview with Kevin Scott on how the R80 came about and the importance of …well, everything, really, when it comes to designing a loudspeaker.

The Show System

And if you’ve ever wondered what music we use to evaluate and finesse our products and systems, then there’s an insight into a small selection of our ‘essential’ discs.

September 2023

Show Time FeedBack.

Some very nice people are saying very nice things about our recent outing at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live.

UK Hi-Fi Show Live
The Show System in-situ

Always nice to see visitors appreciating our efforts.

You can count on Kevin and Lynn Scott from Definitive Audio to put on a good show wherever they appear, and Ascot didn’t disappoint. …As in Munich, the sound was about as natural and musically expressive as one is ever likely to encounter at a HiFi show.

Eric van Spelde, HiFi Pig
There’s also comment from Michael Valentine Studio and the Naim Forum (again!).

August 2023

Roy Gregory explores the latest version (V3.0) of the GPA Monaco turntable.

gy8 logo

A first impression from a day with us rather than a full review (that’s to follow), but a pretty indelible impression as it turned out…

gpa monaco v2.0 and v3.0 comparison

But even a single day spent in the company of the v3.0 leaves me in no doubt that it represents a paradigm shift in performance. This may actually be a linear development of the v2.0’s already impressive delivery, but it is also fundamentally more communicative and expressive, elevating the musical performance and access onto a whole new level.

August 2023

Living Voice R25A review by Michael Lavorgna.

twittering machines logo

Twittering Machines’ main man listens enthusiastically to the R25A, concluding:

What I’m after, what I crave, is the ability to fall into music as the bottomless pit of enveloping beauty it is without the mechanics of reproduction or the voice of the gear getting in the way. The Living Voice Auditorium R25A offer a fast pass to just this kind of experience and their easy to drive load means you have a big wide world of wonderful amps to choose from. I enjoyed, relished, our time together and just remember that when it comes to listening to music on the hifi, there’s nothing wrong with pure pleasure.

July 2023

R80 in full production.

Following its acclaimed UK and international debuts at Audio Show Deluxe and Munich, our newest speaker is now in production.

R80 Spec Sheet Cover
R80 Crate Unpacking

We’ve already sold pretty much all the first production batch, and don’t have any available for photography or review. Oops.

All happily shipped off in our natty custom-made packing cases to their proud new owners. Fortunately not long to wait for more to be available.

We have of course a demonstration pair in Long Eaton, and we’ll be at the UK HiFi Show Live in September, with pretty much the same R80-based system we featured at Munich. More Show details soon.

For bedtime reading meantime, you can download the R80 spec sheet.

June 2023

Munich High-End Show 2023.

Our R80 loudspeaker received considerable praise as part of our Munich system, as did our eclectic selection of musical programme.

It’s always worth remembering the reason we do all this in the first place.

R80 Brandmark
HiFi Pig interview with Kevin Scott

More information on our system at the Show, feedback garnered, and a video interview with a relaxed Kevin Scott may be perused in our Munich 2023 summary.

Teamed here with the top-tier SJS electronics and the latest turntables from Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio, the sound was as bold and engaging as it was effortlessly involving. Kevin Scott’s range of distinctly non-audiophile discs kept things interesting and this room was permanently packed – probably not helped by the comfy bucket seating which, along with the astonishingly entertaining musical performance encouraged the audience to take root.

Roy Gregory

May 2023

Triple Whammy Dept.

We’ve won a trio of awards from HiFi+. Turns out some of our favourite analogue products are theirs too.

Nothing like a good threesome to get one’s juices flowing…

HiFi+ Analogue Awards
HiFi+ Vinyl Awards

We’ve not quite swept the boards in the HiFi+ Analogue Awards, but we’ve put up a very good show. If this were Crufts, we’d certainly be doing a lot of tail-wagging.

Our specific tally of gongs:


Winner: Kuzma XL Air

Category: TURNTABLE £10-25k

Winner: Grand Prix Audio Parabolica

Category: TONEARM

Standout Product: Kuzma Safir 9

All on demonstration in sunny Long Eaton of course. Full award details in the HiFi+ Vinyl Special edition.

February 2023

A Big Day Weekend Out.

We’ll be at the UK’s Audio Show Deluxe in March.

Audio Deluxe Show
The Show System

Our unique approach to designing complete audio systems has won friends and admirers the world over for the past 30 years. We have a system-centred holistic approach that celebrates musical performance rather than the equipment. It may be an old adage, but it is as true as it has ever been – a great system is more than the sum of its parts. It should transcend sound, leaving the listener in a blissful state of musical immersion.

The system we are showing at AUDIO SHOW DELUXE will be no exception. It will comprise:

We are greatly looking forward to the weekend, hoping to seeing lots of familiar faces and making sure that we have a great deal of fun.

February 2023

A Big Hello to The Living Voice R80 Loudspeaker.

Our new baby steps blinking into the spotlight at the UK’s Audio Deluxe Show in March.

Audio Deluxe Show
Living Voice R80 high-gloss ebony cabinets.

We know, we’re not exactly prolific when it comes to launching new loudspeakers. Our view is there’s a lot to be said for the old maxim that “if a job’s worth doing, it's worth doing well.” So eager to please though we are – and we’ve had many requests for a larger loudspeaker than the Auditorium Series – there’s no racing around like an over-excited Labrador puppy.

Inevitably this means things take a little time, our design process is an exhaustive (and occasionally exhausting) one, but when all the fussing and finessing is done, and we can finally listen purely for pleasure, we still think our approach proves to be the best.

No need to take our word for it though, you can judge for yourselves at the Audio Deluxe Show in Whittlebury on Saturday March 25th & Sunday March 26th. Tickets and Show details.

We’ve not quite finalised things yet, but we’ll definitely be taking along some of those turntable and amplifier things hi-fi enthusiasts seem to be quite keen on. Ours will almost certainly be primarily from Kuzma and SJS, along with our favourite supporting cast of ancillaries. See you there?

PS. Definitely no Vox Olympians though, contrary to what some of the Show’s publicity material might seem to suggest. Can’t fit them in our overnight bag, that’s the problem.

December 2022

Building on last year’s success for the Kuzma Air…

R25a review, Gy8
Kuzma Safir 9 wins 'Tonearm of the Year.'

Almost year end, so it’s time for a few gongs and a glass or two of fizz.

Kuzma’s extraordinary Safir 9 tonearm claims the HiFi+ Award for ‘Best Tonearm of the Year,’ Editor Alan Sircom concluding:

But all of that pales into insignificance when you sit down and just listen. That’s when you realise this really is the best arm ever.

November 2022

Takatsuki In The House.

We’ve just been appointed official UK distributor.

UK Distributor

Hugely influential computer scientist Alan Kay* – basically the ‘father’ of the graphical user interface you’re using right now – once commented “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

So what if one of the world’s top 300B valve manufacturers were to adopt a similar principle and make their own amplifier? What might that look like, one wonders?

As it turns out, it would look exactly like this, the Takatsuki TA-S01.

Takatsuki power amp Takatsuki power amp
*As well as his ground-breaking computer work, Kay also found time to be a professional jazz guitarist, composer, and theatrical designer. Oh, and an amateur pipe organist. Now there’s a guy to have on your pub quiz team.

Beautifully designed and built to an impeccable standard, and currently warming up in anticipation of it shortly spreading a little musical festive cheer.

Finally, no cute pussy cat clips, but we do have a short valve-making movie courtesy of Takatsuki, for whom we’re now UK distributors:

October 2022

Musical Expression.

R25a review, hificritic

Martin Colloms finds there’s rather more to the Auditorium R25A than perhaps first meets the eye.

For recording after recording, this Living Voice design manifestly conveyed the sense of performance, drawing in listeners and firmly holding the attention. Every time I powered up the system there was that fresh, communicative enthusiasm, reinforced for almost every piece of music sampled. If you ever tried to read the record liner notes, the speakers were dragging you back to the music.

August 2022

Now there’s a coincidence…

Konus LV system, Gy8 UK Distributor

A recent Roy Gregory article – Bonkers! – enthuses about the ‘punching way above its weight’ musical merits of the combination of the Konus Integrale amplifier and Living Voice R25As.

Konus amp

Funnily enough, over the last few months, we’d come to much the same conclusion ourselves. Good things come in small packages. Orange ones.*

So we’re pleased to announce we’ve now become the Konus distributor for the UK. More info to follow.
*Turns out oranges are not the only fruit. There’s a grey option as well.

July 2022

Wine bar, music venue and open fire restaurant in Notting Hill. Yum.

Caia Restaurant

We’ve been busy in that London, supplying the sound for Notting Hill’s newest restaurant, Caia.

Caia System

A bit of experimentation and probably the first time we’ve ever suspended Living Voice speakers from the ceiling. Sounds unlikely? Actually, sounds great. More pics on Instagram.

Oh, and we loved the food…

June 2022

High praise from an unexpected quarter…

NWAS comment

We don’t imagine our name crops up too frequently on the Naim Forum, but a customer alerted us to heartfelt praise on our system at Cranage (NWAS 2022).

And a final drum roll for my favourite sound of the show…

Definitive Audio: A system Kevin Scott set up around the Kuzma R turntable, SJS amplifiers and of course his own Living Voice speakers. This system should never have worked in such a tight space, but oh my, it did, beautifully. A sound presentation that was cohesive, involving, dynamic and quite simply, intoxicating. Amongst several tracks (we stayed there quite a while) Kevin played Vivaldi, Arias by Cecilia Bartoli, not an album I’m familiar with, but it was hypnotic. My old school buddy who accompanied me for the day whispered to me “I don’t know whether to applaud or cry.”
I think his reaction sums up the sound quality better than I can here.

The holistic approach Kevin takes to system building really evident here, where the whole can add up to more than sum of the parts. Also, one of those rare vinyl systems that seemed to minimise surface noise to such a degree, it almost sounded like listening to a reel to reel tape. Very very impressive. This room left a lasting impression and If I had to pick just one system, this is where my money would go (not that I could afford it!).

June 2022

A Nice Day Out. Cranage Show 2022.

North West Audio Show, Cranage.

We’ll be in the vicinity at Cranage with Simon Shilton of SJS. We’ve got a press release type of thing to explain more:

SJS, Living Voice and Kuzma have become regular collaborators at HiFi shows, combining forces through Definitive Audio to create a seamless musical experience for customers to enjoy without worrying about the pitfalls of mixing and matching components.

SJS amplifiers are designed to be used with extremely highly efficient loudspeakers, and Living Voice is the natural choice. When combined with the magic of Kuzma, the superiority of analogue replay on vinyl LP is clear to hear. The usual boundaries of stereophonic reproduction are pushed aside to create an exceptional musical performance that communicates directly with the listener.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you in room 242 at Cranage Hall.

June 2022

Natural Evolution. (Turbo-charged).

R25a review, Gy8

Roy Gregory explores the current production R25A in some depth, acknowledging that while every speaker in the Auditorium lineage shares common DNA, the current models have clearly evolved to perform on an entirely different level.

With the R25As on the end of the system, it’s the music rather than the amplifier that is in the driving seat, with the result that it’s the music you hear, rather than the speakers or the system producing it.

June 2022

Further acclaim for our favourite CD source.

CEC review, PTA

Part-Time Audiophile’s Marc Phillips takes a shine to CEC’s DA5 DAC and TL5 Transport. Also featured in their Summer 2022 Buyer’s Guide, in the category Best Digital Players.

The real reason is that CEC got me interested in my CD collection again, imbuing those listening sessions with the same sense of discovery that I felt when streaming services finally met my standards for sound quality. That’s why the CEC DA5 DAC and the TL-5 transport earns my respect, maybe even love, and a Reviewers Choice award.

May 2022

Munich High End Show 2022

Living Voice at Munich.

It’s been a while, but we were glad to be back in Munich, taking a somewhat more modest approach this time with a system showcasing our fourth generation Auditorium OBX-RW4. Gratifyingly, several initial reports listed ours as being one of the best-sounding rooms at the event.

Kuzma Air wins 'Turntable of the Year.'

In a way, the room was the opposite of every other at the show. There was no attempt to ‘out hi-fi’ other rooms. Rather than the focus being all about the sound, it was all about the music. This was a system to melt your heart because there was nothing getting in the way–sonically speaking–of that happening. Yet this wasn’t one of those systems where musicality comes at the expense of sonic performance. Rather, one got the feeling that all the music was there–and that nothing was missing from the sound, either.

The Absolute Sound

Living Voice was running the latest Auditorium OBX RW4 compact floor-standers. Those expecting to see (and hear) the Vox speakers were beguiled by sound that was both delightful and extremely engaging and, while the Kuzma R/Safir and Grand Prix Monaco/4Point14 front-ends (with CAR-60 and CAR-50 cartridges respectively) were obviously playing their part, don’t overlook the contribution of the SJS electronics.

Roy Gregory via Gy8

Possibly taking my crown as the most favourite among favourites was the room with Living Voice loudspeakers supported by SJS electronics and Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio analogue sources.

SoundStage! Australia (10 Favourite Exhibits)

This is the kind of system that, once installed in your home, would deliver a lifetime of musical pleasure, leaving you to concentrate solely on exploring music.

Ultra Audio

This was a truly memorable room three years ago, and it was equally memorable in 2022.

Part-Time Audiophile

With Mari Samuelsen’s rendition of ‘Violin Concerto (Second Movement)’ by Philip Glass the system was heartbreaking, I ordered the vinyl there and then but getting it to sound this good at home will be a challenge.


When a system is ‘just right’ like this it’s difficult to tear yourself away, and the Living Voice system was a real treat to listen to. The scale of the music playing defied the relatively small size of the LV loudspeakers and the dynamics on offer were incredible.

HiFi Pig

Living Voice took a break from the magnificent horn systems it usually demonstrates to reveal the capabilities of the rather more approachable OBX-RW4 floorstanders. These sounded superb with Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio turntables allied to SJS tube amplification…

The Ear

The sound of the show so far… There’s something quite special about the OBX-RW4 speaker when used with the other equipment on display in this room.

SoundStage! Australia

December 2021

It’s The System, Stupid…

Kuzma SJS Living Voice review.

Roy Gregory’s new publishing venture, and his views on why reviewing complete systems makes more sense than hopefully slotting in components more or less at random. Three systems to start with, and look – one them’s ours.

Kuzma Air wins 'Turntable of the Year.'

But perhaps the most quietly impressive quality that this system demonstrates is its sheer musical willingness. The best systems – irrespective of price – transcend audio niceties and render sonics irrelevant. This is just such a system.

December 2021

Kudos & Continuity.

Kuzma best turntable award.

HiFi+ acknowledge the ultimate expression – to date – of Franc Kuzma’s flagship record player with the ‘Turntable of the Year’ Award in their annual round-up.

Kuzma Air wins 'Turntable of the Year.'

Franc Kuzma and his team have continued to develop and improve the Kuzma XL, allowing for existing XL owners to upgrade their turntables from the 2000s and onwards. This is a top-grade turntable that just keeps getting better.

November 2021

We Need To Talk With Kevin.

Kevin Scott interview, 6Moons

In an interview with Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons, our fearless leader provides some insight into his motivation and a personal perspective on what’s really important when it comes to a musically-rewarding hifi system.

Kuzma Air

For me it’s always the way the system works as a whole and there are many pathways to heaven.

August 2021

Craftsman at work.

Painstaking attention to detail in the creation of the hand-crafted wooden cases for our favoured SJS amplifiers.

October 2020

We’ve won a gong!

Diapason D'Or

France’s prestigious Diapason magazine has awarded the Auditorium R25A a coveted ‘D’or’ Award.

Original French version meantime, English translation to follow.

Diapason D'Or

August 2020

We R4!
Our Auditorium Series reaches its 4th generation.

Living Voice logo

The Auditorium Series has reached R4 status with effect from September 1st 2020. All production from that date will be to the R4 specification.

auditorium R25A

We believe the R4 models deliver a significant increase in attainable performance levels over their predecessors.

There’s a brief interim summary of the changes on the Living Voice website, we’ll be updating the descriptions & specifications shortly.

August 2020

Any questions?


Mono and Stereo puts us on the spot with regard to the why, when and what has shaped Definitive Audio over the years.

Kevin Scott

Study the accompanying photographs carefully – we’ll be asking questions later. Well, not really, but the keen-eyed and bushy-tailed may spot one or two products which are currently supplying an abundance of charm and delight, to say nothing of the occasional raised eyebrow. Interesting times at Definitive HQ.

March 2020

Sound & Vision.

2019 bristol show

Kevin Scott hits the airwaves, with Frank Kuzma and Simon Shilton.

Kuzma, SJS, Living Voice posse.

Audio interviews with Paul Rigby, ‘The Audiophile Man,’ re Kuzma and Living Voice, and a video interview no less with Stuart of HifiPig on YouTube. HFP’s Big Show Report here.

Or just the words. No lights, no camera, and no action, but a good writeup of the Show from the Audiophile Musings blog.